Your stay

Our center is known and appreciated internationally. The patients come to us from many different parts of Germany, Europe and abroad. Only some of them are located in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Usually the patient’s first contact is made by phone or email. This is followed by a visit to our center where the patient has the opportunity to get to know us and ask more detailed questions about the therapy. Here, the parents or the partner may like to participate.
For the duration of the therapy, the patient often rents an apartment or looks for accommodation in a pension or a hotel. Consequently, some patients live for several months in the vicinity of Dortmund. It also happens that relatives or friends live nearby so that the patient has social access right away. An exact planning of the stay can be done together with the therapist after the first meeting.


If the patients in the therapy are so far consolidated that they can return to their normal everyday life, they can move back home. Aftercare can be done by phone or with monthly sessions (1-2 times in the center).

More impressions about your stay:

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