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Help against anorexia, life at RTL West on September 17, 2019

The non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, Sandra Kettner, founded the Center for Eating Disorders after successfully defeating her own anorexia many years ago. Here she helps eating-impaired people to get back into life. In the report, the therapy is presented on the basis of a current anorexia patient.

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Expert Sandra Kettner reports about the dangers of anorexia nervosa.


Anorexia – your girlfriend? your enemy?


Interview: Sandra Kettner reports about the development of eating disorders.

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Article about Sandra Kettner in the daily newspaper Ruhrnachrichten!

Expert Sandra Kettner reports on the dangers of Anorexia Nervosa

Spiegel TV broadcast from 16.02.2014, Report about eating disorders, therapist Sandra Kettner reports about the dangers of ProAna and shows excerpts from a therapy session.
Interview with Sandra Kettner starts from minute 4:21

Anorexia – your girlfriend? your enemy?

This video illustrates the thoughts and feelings of people suffering from eating disorders. The disease is seen on the one hand as a friend, one does not want to give up and on the other hand as a bad enemy, which keeps them captive and lonely. The person concerned no longer has any relation to himself. She does not know who she is, who she can be without the illness, she has got no self. She only feels pain, fears and succumbed to the disease. She wants nothing more than to get well, but she believes that no one understands her!

Interview: Sandra Kettner on the development of eating disorders

Therapist Sandra Kettner was interviewed by a Dutch editorial team for a television documentary about the development of eating disorders. It illustrates vividly her own experiences and gives a comprehensible picture of this difficult to understand and very serious and dangerous illness. Interesting to follow is the “way out of the disease”.
The interview is a live recording of an interview in english.

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