The voice

 In Diary in therapy, März 2009

My framework in the therapy is: the daily therapy hours, food (regularly) and especially the writing.
Everything that my voice says should be written down. Uncensored and easy to put on paper. Well, if that were so easy. I am ashamed of the mean and terrible way in which the voice speaks to me. That can not be read by a “normal” person. They have to think, I’m stupid.
S. immediately realizes what’s wrong with me. 
She is always ahead of the voice . Slowly she tries to take away my fear of writing and that I do not have to be ashamed.
I want to try it. I fight and hesitate again and again. But deep inside of me, I have decided on the therapy and I’m ready now to do what it takes to fight against the eating disorder.
I will fight and want to go back, back to my life.

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